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Why Are X-Rays Important? 

X-Rays Show Spinal History and Potential Problems

X-Rays, in the most straight-forward sense, show a clear view of spinal health history. In rare cases, there can be abnormalities present that would change or impede adjustments. Prior to adjusting the spine, it is best for the chiropractor to have a clear view of any challenges that may be present.

X-Rays Direct the Course of Your Care

X-Rays are an important analysis tool for chiropractors. They allow the doctor to pinpoint the exact area of spinal subluxation and determine the best course for correction. This analysis helps the doctor establish the frequency and intensity of care that will produce the best results for each individual patient.

X-Rays Show Alignment and Motion

Standard x-rays make it possible for the doctor to locate misalignments in the spine. Our office also utilizes flexion-extension x-rays in order to see the spine in motion. This allows the doctor to locate and correct areas that are not moving correctly.

X-Rays Track Progress As You Heal

X-Rays are also a visual way to track your progress while under care. For adult patients, re-examinations offer a chance to see the changes to the alignment and motion of the spine that has been achieved through adjustments.

These images are examples of pre (before care) and post (after several visits) x-rays that show the progress made through care in our office.

Our office utilizes the latest digital x-ray technology on-site. There is no waiting to see your results – they are delivered to the doctor instantly so that they can be used to provide the most precise adjustment possible.

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